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William Levine, Podiatrist Treats Bunions With Less Pain

May 15, 2017


Brooklyn-born Dr. William Levine, Podiatrist, has run his private practice for nearly a quarter century. During that long period of time, Dr. Levine has used his offices in the Sands Point area of New York, to develop and learn how to use the best possible treatments for virtually every type of foot and ankle problem his patients face. For the most part, Dr. William Levine, Podiatrist, has become known as one of the most effective bunion specialists anywhere in the country, but especially in New York. It’s no wonder, since he has been working to improve and perfect such treatments over the years.


That is a very big deal, since bunions are a particularly common foot problem for a great many people. A bunion is a bony bump that usually forms on the side of the big toe and they usually grow wherever there is a misalignment of the big toe joint, known clinically as the metatarsal phalangeal. There are a myriad of treatments for bunions, including some non-surgical treatments such as special shoes, shoe inserts and arch supports that can help. That said, Dr. William Levine, podiatrist, claims that non-surgical treatments can only be successful in minor cases. For more serious cases, the only treatment is surgery.


That is why William Levine, Podiatrist, has been developing a new type of surgical treatment over many years. In many cases, bunion surgery leaves behind large scars and a lot of pain, making pain medication a necessity for the patient. With Dr. Levine’s new procedure, the podiatrist can perform the surgery with the smallest incision possible, which means less pain, bleeding and scarring, which means the patient is happier and needs almost no pain medication.


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